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The recent announcement that Olympus® will retire their EndoWorks® solution creates a great opportunity to upgrade to the Complete Inpatient and Ambulatory Meaningful Use and GIQuIC® certified solution EndoVault® by EndoSoft®. MIGRATE IMAGES AND DATA FROM ENDOWORKS® TO ENDOVAULT® WITH OUT HASSELS AND WITHOUT CHARGE.
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Voice Dictation

Endosoft has developed a dictation tool which allows physicians to dictate in Endosoft application which in turn gets …

Voice Recognition

All Endosoft applications are Voice recognition enabled. Physicians can dictate in Endosoft application and Endosoft will convert the …

Vital Signs Integration

EndoSoft Point-of-Care software solutions bring computing to the patient’s bedside. These solutions allow physicians and nurses to capture …


EndoSoft Telemedicine is a state-of-the-art tool for teaching organizations, military or rural healthcare facilities where availability of specialties …


EndoSoft is designed security systems to protect patient privacy from the global to the data element level. System …

PAS Integration

Endosoft is ODBC compliant and can interface with any ODBC compliant database. We have developed many PAS interfaces …

IHE Integration Statement

IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is an initiative developed by healthcare and information technology professionals to improve the …

HL7 Integration

EndoSoft has interfaced with all billing and scheduling software vendors for all major Hospital Information system available in …