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Argus Offers No Charge Evaluations on Polyp Detection and Sizing Artificial Intelligence Gastroenterology Technology

Argus®, the only AI decision support technology that assists clinicians in the detection and sizing of polyps during colonoscopy procedures, has announced the availability of no-charge evaluations. This opportunty offers a unique chance to compare detection rates and sizing with and without the assistance of AI.

First debuted at DDW 2019, Argus® brings a one-of-a-kind AI approach to the gastroenterology field. Vendor and scope neutral, Argus® offers the only AI detection and sizing decision support solution on the market. In a recent study, the assistance of Argus® increased polyp detection by 19%. “We had so much interest in our hands-on experience at DDW that we wanted to extend that same approach to those who didn’t get the opportunity to attend…” said Abhishek Bajaj, VP of Clinical Medicine & Sales. “…The application of AI technology is still new in the GI environment so giving physicians the ability to use Argus® first-hand without commitment allows them to compare their own detection rates and sizing with minimal effects on their workflow while enhancing patient care.”

To learn more and schedule an evaluation, contact the Argus® sales team at or call them at 518-831-8064.

About Argus®

Argus® is  a vendor-neutral AI solution that integrates with your current EHR, scopes, and processors to create the least amount of workflow changes. Argus® is launched during the endoscopy procedure to aid in the decision making of polyp detection and sizing. Argus® detects the polyps utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning while capturing images simultaneously.

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