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EndoVault Is Validated For Secure Message Delivery in Australia

EndoSoft® is pleased to announce that EndoVault® has been validated by the Australian Digital Health Agency to use the Secure Message Delivery (SMD) platform.  EndoVault® users will now communicate key components of integrated and coordinated care of patients with providers that utilize the SMD platform.  All providers using the platform will also have the National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) certificate of security and be on the federated provider directory service, consisting of multiple provider directories in Australia to send secure messages.  This version of EndoVault®  was released on July 30, 2020.

The key benefits of using the SMD platform include interoperability and streamlining the workflow for healthcare providers.  The SMD platform provides enhanced security and prevents the unauthorized interception of clinical information and documents.  Any provider sending a message receives a notification of the successful message delivery and decryption by intended organizations or providers.  SMD will reduce paper correspondence and the time personnel spends managing clinical documents and information.  These benefits will improve the security, timeliness of clinical information, and therefore improving the quality of care received.

Adding another pillar to EndoSoft’s best-of-breed software, the Secure Message Delivery offers increased functionality to their providers with supporting documents including MDM Discharge Summary, MDM e-Referral, MDM Specialist Letter and Patient Referral (REF-I12). These functionalities result in the following benefits:

  • Enhanced search capabilities across multiple secure messaging providers by using a federated provider directory service.
  • Interoperability and message exchange with different secure messaging-enabled software products by utilizing standardized messages.
  • The ability to securely exchange messages based on current and future Australian encryption standards.

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