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Epic® API Integraion with EndoVault Introduces a Seamless Workflow to Grady Memorial

Schenectady NY, May 31, 2018 – EndoSoft® has finished its API integration with Epic®, to complete a streamlined workflow at Grady Memorial. The first of its kind integration, now allows clinicians in Gastroenterology and Pulmonary, to access EndoVault directly through their Epic® application, streamlining workflow and enhancing overall user experience and patient care.

Previously using EndoWorks® in their Endoscopy suite, EndoSoft® demonstrated their 20+ years in this field by migrating all discrete data, images and reports to appear native in EndoVault®. Accessing their new EndoVault® solution directly through API integration is a pivotal partnership. This enhancement reduced clicks, eased change fatigue and streamlined clinician workflow, all top priorities for EHR users.

“Interoperability has always been a high-priority for EndoSoft, so when we came up with the concept of this integration, we were enthusiastic to develop and implement it.” stated Zohair Hussain, VP of Product Development and Integration. “It’s been a pleasure working alongside the team at Grady and we look forward to offering this robust and seamless integration to more of our Epic® existing and future clients.”

Using an encrypted command line integration, EndoVault® is now launched directly from the Epic® Hyperspace application with parameters giving users, patients and encounter context. “One of the most impressive things as a customer and working alongside the Endosoft developers to meet our API EMR integration request was definitely a great experience…” stated Mr. Jay Brijlal, Director Clinical Systems Integration & Imaging at Grady Memorial, “My team and I are definitely pleased with the level of support and attention we got from Endosoft with our issues and request.”

The implementation didn’t stop with the GI Endoscopy department. Grady Memorial also integrated Pulmonary imaging and procedure documentation via Epic® API. Running two specialties on one advanced solution, Grady now has the infrastructure in place to reduce IT maintenance and continue to implement additional specialties.

Mr. Hussain continued to say, “In my opinion, an integrated health care delivery system will shape healthcare in the next few years and this integration is a testimonial to it.”


About EndoSoft®

With over 50,000 clinical users worldwide and 20 years of expertise, EndoSoft® has achieved a leadership position and a reputation for excellence and quality. EndoSoft® offers a multitude of specialties to meet nearly every clinician’s needs including Gastroenterology Endoscopy, ENT, OB/GYN, Pathology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Pain Management, Pulmonology, Oncology and Urology, just to name a few. EndoSoft® also offers EndoVault®, the most advanced EHR on the market today boasting Complete EHR Meaningful Use Certification and extensive migration experience.

About Grady Memorial

Grady Memorial, one of the largest Georgia hospitals, is located in Atlanta Georgia and boasts over 600 beds. Opening its doors in 1892, Grady has grown with the ever-evolving medical needs and is now known as one of the nation’s best trauma centers. Holding a mission to provide “quality, comprehensive healthcare in a compassionate, culturally competent, ethical and fiscally responsible manner” Grady continues to invest in innovative and upgraded technologies to uphold their mission

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