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3 Reasons You Should Be Tracking Your Scopes Electronically

Electronic scope tracking is a fairly new modality, although everyone seems to be on the electronic forefront for EHR, the implementation of a fully functional electronic tracker seems to get reviews of mixed importance. Here are a few reasons it should be on the priority list (hint: they’re not all about safety!)


Safety is the most obvious reason to track. Over the past year there have been many news articles about outbreaks due to poor processing of scopes. Electronic tracking can prevent a defective or un-sanitized scope from being used, and can track the entire flow right down to the detergent used for sanitation, the technician who cleaned the scope, the physicians who used it and what patients it was used on today and 3 procedures ago. Preventing one hospital acquired infection makes an electronic solution worth the investment!

Usage Lifespan

Scopes are definitely a hefty investment, wouldn’t it be useful to report on their usage, repairs and overall lifespan? When you efficiently track your scopes, this is all possible. The history and reference information in the system means that your endoscopes are serviced correctly and only as needed based on actual use and wear. Reporting truly enhances a facilities workflow by showing returns, trends and more.

Equipment Availability

When scheduling a procedure, it’s important to know the right equipment is available! Using RFID and scanning technology in combination with permanent instrument marking, and  serial numbers your Endo Lab can quickly and accurately check-in and check-out both owned and loaner equipment to and from your facility. Lost and misplaced endoscopes can become a thing of the past.  Being able to locate scopes available, scopes in repair and scopes currently being sanitized in seconds, ensures a smooth workflow. With over 25,000 clinical users worldwide and 20+ years of expertise, EndoSoft has achieved a leadership position

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