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In 1995 our founders, Rakesh Madan and Manish Madan, discovered a technological opportunity in the medical market that would change procedure documentation. That’s when EndoSoft® was born. Rakesh, with his team of developers and his brothers insight, created a program that would capture images and save it to the computer, saving the expense of printing paper and time. From this cutting edge capability in 1995 , EndoSoft® has grown to the healthcare information technology and software company we know today. EndoSoft® is constantly developing programs to optimize clinicians workflow, Inventory Management, Scheduling and even going green efforts!

With our wide base of ever-expanding installations at prestigious institutions throughout the United States and around the world, we have developed a leadership position and a reputation for technology excellence and quality.

EndoSoft® is unique. Unlike most products on the market today, EndoSoft® is not merely a collection of applications bundled together; it is workflow technology that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the healthcare enterprise – clinical, administrative and financial.

Our goal at EndoSoft® is to develop solutions based on our customer’s needs.  We are constantly coming up with innovations that are exciting, practical and useful.  The applications are designed to emulate the clinical thought processes of clinicians and nurses on the patient side and the workflow patterns of administrators and office staff for scheduling, patient encounters, financial chores and resource management.

For the today’s busy healthcare professional, working for pleasure has become a thing of the past due to heavy patient care loads, administrative, regulatory, and financial chores and the seemingly endless stream of paper work.  EndoSoft® applications have automated most of the non-clinical, manual chores and eliminated the repetitive, mundane tasks of procedure documentation and workflow management, allowing healthcare professionals to once again be excited about their core business – patient care!

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