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oncology ehr, oncology practice management, oncology emr, consent management, chemotherapy management

EndoVault® 3.0


oncology ehr, oncology emr, consent management, chemotherapy management

EndoVault® Oncology is a first of its kind EHR designed specifically for Oncologists to plan, manage and monitor patient treatments in a single application.

Unsurpassed in its comprehensive and broad scope of content, EndoVault® Oncology offers all of the aspects of a practice management, consultation and report writing software, along with modules for initial consultations, Cancer staging, chemotherapy, chemotherapy order sets, radiation therapy, palliative care and recall management.

Complete Solution

With EndoVault® Oncology, physicians have the ability to plan and execute every facet of a patient’s treatment. From lab tracking and imaging to documenting diagnosis and treatment planning, EndoVault® Oncology is a comprehensive resource for Oncologists and their support teams.

Chemotherapy Module

The integrated Chemotherapy Module provides physicians with the tools necessary to effectively assess and manage each patient’s chemotherapy treatment protocol. The application promotes an analytical and evaluative approach to patient care, allowing providers to administer chemotherapy and to critically assess, plan and implement individualized care.

Seamless Integration

EndoVault® Oncology is seamlessly integrated with all other standard features of the renowned EndoVault® EHR, which includes consent management, e-prescription, laboratory, radiology orders and results tracking, a provider dashboard with a daily composite schedule along with patient summary reports.

Customized Workflow for Every Facility

With the breadth of EndoVault® Oncology, the program meets and exceeds the needs of most Oncology practices and hospital departments. Modules can be customized or designed to meet the requirements and demands of your hospital or practice. The EndoSoft team will work with you to ensure your program has everything you require to treat and care for your patients.

  • Review, prescribe, dispense, treat and document patient data in one application
  • Streamline and improve order accuracy with fast processing of multiple chemotherapy orders on regimen designated cycle days
  • Manage and plan treatment, track and document chemotherapy and other medication administration

EndoVault® 3.2 is a Complete Stage 3 Meaningful Use Certified ( Electronic Health Record (EHR) application. 

Migrate EndoWorks®

This Health IT Module is compliant with the ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. ONC-ACB Certification # are additional costs and limitations associated with the certified functionality. Understanding these costs and limitations of EndoVault® 3.2 can be found at the following:  EndoVault EHR Cost Limitations. Rxnorm API, Surescripts, MaxMD, Pop-Health and Microsoft SQL Server are required.

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