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EndoSoft is a place where you can grow your dreams. Our global presence, innovation and financial strength help to make EndoSoft a dynamic place to work. 

Project Coordinator

Responsible for the management and delivery of our proprietary software (EHR) systems to our clientele in the healthcare industry.

Our Business

EndoSoft is dedicated to helping our partners in healthcare by providing state of the art software applications, technology and tools. Discover how we are ushering in a new era of healthcare through medical imaging and information technologies, research, clinical trials and clinical data mining for drug discovery and quality of healthcare.

Working Environment

Our employees’ performance can only flourish in a sound work environment. That is why Endosoft is committed to supporting its leadership culture through systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain employee and partner privacy, and assure employee health and safety. Endosoft is an invigorating place to work. Ours is a high-performance culture that emphasizes high-integrity business practices as well as work/life balance. Endosoft Work/Life Connections provides information, resources and tools to help with education, career and other topics – including childcare, adult care and aging.

Operating with Integrity

How we deliver results is as important as the results themselves. EndoSoft seeks to lead in workplace and marketplace integrity by respecting the human rights of everyone touched by our business, and by enforcing legal and financial compliance.

Breakthrough Technologies

EndoSoft is dedicated in developing state-of-the-art software applications and technologies in healthcare industry. From a solo practice to a multi-site healthcare system, EndoSoft is dedicated to produce solutions and technology to streamline the documentation, workflow and availability of clinical information to the provider’s real time.

Leadership & Learning

Worldwide, we invest a lot on training and education programs for the people of EndoSoft. The results can be measured in the increasing leadership capabilities of our own people and ultimately in the value and opportunity generated for our customers and their communities. At Endosoft, learning is more than a classroom activity. Its how we come together to embrace change, develop skills to change things for the better, and get energized about it all. Employees can take advantage of tuition reimbursement benefits to help improve their skills, grow their career, or get a loan to help pay for their family’s higher education.

Rewards & Benefits

Whether you are considering a career move or looking for your first job opportunity, we understand that you will weigh the rewards and benefits a company has to offer. At EndoSoft, we are committed to being a global employer of choice, offering competitive salary and benefits packages. Endosoft offers comprehensive and exceptional benefit package to their employees that may include medical, short and long term disability and life insurance along with car, bonus, and vacation.

Consulting Services

EndoSoft works diligently with their partners in need of custom software applications. We are always looking for people with unique skills and abilities no matter which country they are in. Discover how we are utilizing our experience and technology in producing state of the art applications and technology to provide state of the art custom software solutions and consulting services to our partners worldwide.

Current Openings

Territory Manager · Chicago, IL · Full-time · Remote
Territory Manager · Orlando, FL · Full-time · Remote
Territory Sales Manager · Canada · Full-time · Remote
Territory Sales Manager · New York, NY · Full-time · Remote
Clinical Analyst · Schenectady, NY · Full-time · On-Site
Clinical Analyst · Los Angeles Metropolitan Area · Full-time · Remote
Custodian · Schenectady, NY · Full-time · On-Site

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