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5 Tips for Choosing Your Legacy System Upgrade

Making the switch to a new application is not only time consuming but costly, so making the best decision possible is key to success. With so many vendors in the market, you may feel like Goldilocks in a sea of porridge but with these tips, you can find the application that’s just right!

How Analytics Can Help You Predict the Future

As a super star psychologist always says “The best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior.” Recognizing that behavior, however, can be the most difficult part. Most applications have archived data but processing those spreadsheets to be anything more than notes on a paper can be time consuming and frustrating. This information, however, really does hold the key to your future and is well worth the time, here are a few key ways to turn the daunting task into an informative masterpiece.

Analytics, What Do They Really Do For Your Facility?

You meet with your new EHR implementation team and they go over all the detailed analytics your new system is capable of but, what function do these analytics really play in your facility? Numbers and charts are useless unless you know what they can do for you! Although their use is vast, here are a few key functions of your analytics tool.

5 Ways an EHR Built for GI Can Make Your Facility More Efficient

These days all we seem to hear about is how EHR’s are the only way to go but, what’s really behind the smoke and mirrors making weeks of training and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth it? The possibilities are endless, my friend, but here are 5 great examples about how the right EHR can really be a game changer for your facility.

The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Procedure Documentation Solutions and EHR’s

So, you’re in the market for an EHR, you may be coming from paper or from a legacy system. You start by getting advice from other similar size practices, surgery centers or hospitals in your area. Unfortunately, advice isn’t always as helpful as you’d like and the entire process is now becoming a contradicting web. No worries, here a few of the worst pointers we’ve heard and why they’re so bad!

3 Reasons You Should Be Tracking Your Scopes Electronically

Electronic scope tracking is fairly new modality, although everyone seems to be on the electronic forefront for EHR, the implementation of a fully functional electronic scope tracker seems to get reviews of mixed importance. Here are a few reasons it should be on the priority list (hint: they’re not all about safety!)

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