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If you’re facing the challenge of replacing your legacy system, we can help make the transition easier. Our endoscopy software has been trusted by Gastroenterologists for over 25 years. With our complete migration solution, you can rest assured that your analytics will remain intact and native to our application, including discrete data, images, reports, and more. Keeping your legacy data as native, allows you to continue running quality metric reports and cumulative reports from both your legacy systems and your new EndoSoft® application.

Migrating your data is crucial for maintaining your analytics and keeping your patients’ information easily accessible. Our complete migration solution covers everything from images and videos to discrete data and procedure reports, ensuring a seamless transition. We understand that accessing legacy data can be a pain point, which is why our solution ensures that migrated data appears native and maintains continuity, reducing change fatigue.

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With EndoSoft’s vendor-neutral applications, EndoVault or Qlinical, there’s no need to change scopes when upgrading your software solutions. EndoSoft Applications are compatible with all scope manufacturers currently available on the market. This integration not only reduces change fatigue but also lowers associated implementation costs.

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