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EndoVault® Scheduler

EndoVault Scheduler® is an integrated scheduling system that efficiently manages all facets of patient scheduling and admitting, enhancing your facilities overall operations. EndoVault Scheduler integrates directly with your EHR application and supports multi-provider and multi-facility, streamlining the entire scheduling and admitting process.



Simple Setup

The flexible design of EndoVault®Scheduler makes it a breeze to set up multiple physicians, multiple offices, block appointment times, setup appointment types and other preferences. Providers can schedule, view or edit across multiple locations from a single scheduler interface.

Easy to Train

EndoVault®Scheduler can quickly turn your front office into an efficient team. The EndoVault®training team ensures all of your users are up and running in no time, regardless of technical skill abilities.




A scheduled appointment can be attached to a pending recall. Automated reminds via text, email or phone call can be used. This piece of information can be part of the statistical report.

  • Save Time

  • Increase Productivity

  • Easy to Learn

  • Improve Patient Care

  • Increase Revenue

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