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Rakesh K Madan Founder, President & CEO

Rakesh K Madan

Founder, President & CEO

Rakesh K. Madan formed EndoSoft LLC in January 2007 and has served since then as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Madan developed Endosoft, an Endoscopy software application with the help of his brother and co-founder Manish K.  Madan, MD in 1996.  Mr. Madan is also serving as Chief Executive Officer of the Parent Company Utech Products, Inc. since 1990.

During his 25 years at Utech Products, Inc. the company has launched many new products and software applications for healthcare industry and has established businesses worldwide all through organic growth.  Mr. Madan has vast experience in developing and bringing new products to the market.

Manish Madan, MD Co-Founder

Manish Madan, MD


Dr. Madan is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist who co-founded EndoSoft back in 1996. Dr. Madan currently practices in his Rochester office.

Mamta Madan COO

Mamta Madan


Mamta has been with the company since  it’s inception in 1996. Mamta is responsible for the management of finances as well as The United Kingdom offices and functions. Mamta received her Masters in Epidemiology and a second Master in Growth & Development from SUNY Albany.

John Kempf


John joined the company as Chief Financial Officer in April, 2023 and is responsible for all aspects of Accounting, Human Resources, and Treasury.  He has over 30 years of Finance, Administration, and M&A experience across a variety of industries and geographies. For the last 15 years, he has served as CFO for mid-cap companies looking to significantly grow their businesses.  He has served on several Boards of non-profits, including currently serving on the Board of Flutters of Hope.

Zohair Hussain VP of Product Development

Zohair Hussain

VP of Product Development

Zohair is an extremely capable, knowledgeable and experienced executive with an immense passion for EndoSoft’s products and services. He is a 16-year EndoSoft veteran who joined the company in 1999 as a Programmer Analyst intern and holds degrees from State University of New York (SUNY). Once joined as an intern, he started scaling the ranks and worked his way towards success. He was promoted to VP of Development and Integration in 2008 and currently holds the post of Senior Vice President of Product Development. During his tenure as Vice President, Zohair has been a key factor in several innovative products being launched.

Bart van der Meer Senior VP of Marketing & Sales

Bart van der Meer

Senior VP of Marketing & Sales

Bart van der Meer started his career with Endosoft in 1998, at that time as an independent distributor in The Netherlands. Soon the United Kingdom and Ireland were added to the territory. After 3 years Bart started working as an International Account Manager, responsible for the international business development and added the Middle East to the territory. The speed of growth in the years that followed enabled Endosoft to establish their international sales office in the Netherlands and a support & sales office in the United Kingdom, followed by offices in Australia and India. With over 100 hospitals using the EndoSoft solutions in the international market, Bart van der Meer is proud as the Sr. Vice President Marketing & Sales to be leading and be part of this exciting and innovating organization EndoSoft where our customers come first.

John Temple

VP, Sales and Marketing

John oversees EndoSoft’s sales, marketing, and business development efforts and directs the company’s strategy to effectively increase the reach with healthcare institutions and key opinion leaders in the U.S. and Canada. Formerly of Olympus, John joins EndoSoft with over 25 years of proven success in the GI healthcare sector. During his tenure, John has worked closely with the top healthcare organizations and key opinion leaders across the U.S.

Michael Mulcahy Director of International Projects Implementation

Michael Mulcahy

Director of International Projects Implementation

Michael has been with Endosoft for over 10 years. Previously, he worked in the Endoscopy Department at St Marks Hospital, London. Michael was the first Endosoft employee in the UK, and together with Bart, the UK office was opened in 2005 in Leicester.  In October 2007 he  moved to Wollongong, NSW, Australia to setup Endosoft PTY LTD.  This installation won an NSW government innovation award for the DICOM integration with Endosoft.  We then in 2010 won the statewide tender for Tasmania.

Jayesh Kannan Director of Technical Support

Jayesh Kannan

Director of Technical Support

Jayesh began working with EndoSoft in 2006. With his Masters of Science in Information Technology, he grew the EndoSoft office in India then transferred to the U.S. office as the IT Manager to further develop and enhance EndoSoft products. Today, Jayesh ensures product quality and support as the Director of Technical Support.

Jeff Kreines

 Director of Operations

After graduating from SUNY Albany in 2015, Jeff began his career at EndoSoft. Jeff directs the day-to-day operations, contract management and customer billing resources. Jeff also implements his expertise in workflow and communications management across the organization’s various departments.

Laurie Warner

Director of Business Developement

Laurie began her career with EndoSoft in the fall of 2019, first in a marketing and sales position and later developing into her role as the Director of Business Development. With a 15 year background in marketing and sales, Laurie is responsible for bringing new products to market and educating customers about existing products. She comes to her role with a passion for building relationships with new customers and nurturing existing ones. 

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