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Inventory Management & Infection Prevention

EndoVault’s Inventory Management tool allows you to track the time and materials for each patient’s stay. Simply use the RFID/Barcode compliant scanning system, or choose from picklists to know exactly what was used and when.

Designate staff members to order, access, track, charge and maintain medical supply inventory levels. The tool also monitors equipment repairs and sterilization, as well as manages vendors and purchases. Detailed reports are readily available for repairs, sterilization, inventory, reorders and items list.

Integrated ICD 10, SNOMED® CT & CPT Codes

Inventory Management & Tracking

Quality Indicators & Statistical Data Reporting

Seamless Interface with HIS & PACS

Fully Customizable for Each Physician

Developed in Line with HIPAA & The Join Commission Rules & Regulations

Canned Reports for PQRS & Pay-for-Performance

Complete Consent and Consult Notation

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