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Whether you are  researching a solution or have been an EndoSoft user for years, questions arise! Here are some answers to common questions we hear. Take a look, you may learn something new!

Meaningful Use certification is important to my facility, are you certified?

Absolutely! What’s important to our clients is important to us and staying on the forefront of certifications is just one of the ways we show it.  EndoVault® 3.2 is a Complete 2015 Edition, Stage 3 Meaningful Use Certified in Ambulatory and Inpatient settings.

Our facility emails important documents regularly, does EndoVault have a way to streamline this?

Absolutely! EndoVault is fully equipped with secure email capability to reduce steps and save time for clinicians so they can focus on the patient, not the paperwork.

What parts of the procedure report would be available in the patient’s EHR?

Every element of the procedure report is important, that’s why EndoVault stores the entire report, including full color images.

Do our clinicians have the ability to do electronic consents and signatures?

Yes! With use of a signature pad, clinicians can easily sign off on procedures and consents, saving time and paper!

I have an HD processor, can your application capture images in HD?

Yes! EndoSoft has developed a cable to pair with your HD processor for full 1080p images giving you clarity when it matters.

We Currently use a SQL server, will EndoVault be able to run on it?

Yes! EndoVault can run both on the Microsoft SQL® platform and Interbase® server platform.

We are currently using Olympus® scopes, would EndoVault be able to interface with them?

Absolutely! EndoVault is scope neutral so it has the ability to interface not only with Olympus® but Pentax®, Fuji® and more!

When our transition to EndoVault occurs, will we lose all of our past data?

No, we know how important a smooth transition is and keeping all your data is at the top of the list. EndoSoft has years of experience in data migration to get you upgraded with ease.

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