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EndoVault® 3.0


EndoVault ENR® makes it easy to create comprehensive proprietary documentation.  With EndoVault ENR®, nurses can document each step of a patient’s journey throughout the entire care cycle, creating a complete electronic patient record.

With integrated features including patient history, procedure reports, vitals monitoring and scheduling, EndoVault ENR®promotes greater workflow efficiency, documentation compliance and increased revenue.  The EndoVault ENR® application also integrates administrative features like time and material billing and inventory management, saving valuable time and resources and allowing staff to focus on quality of care.

Proprietary Documentation & Quality Reporting Compliance

EndoVault ENR® is compliant with both SGNA and AORN standard language and data sets, resulting in seamless integration with a facility’s current processes and procedures.  The application also meets the compliance standards of TJC, HIPAA, HHS OIG and other regulatory bodies, ensuring quality documentation, reporting, privacy and patient care.  Integrated G-Codes ensure compliance with Medicare guidelines for ASCs.

Medication Reconciliation

An integrated medication reconciliation feature significantly reduces the chance of medication errors, improving patient safety.

Automatic Vitals Recording

A patient’s vitals are monitored and recorded automatically throughout the procedure process. The application interfaces directly with all major vital sign monitors, scheduling and EHR systems.

Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking allows nurses to manage, monitor and track the flow of patients through a facility

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management tool enables the appropriate staff to order, access, track, charge and maintain medical inventory levels in real time. The tool also monitors equipment repairs and sterilization as well as manages vendors and purchases.  Detailed reports are readily available for repairs, sterilization, inventory, reorders and items list.

Time & Material Billing

Integrated time and material billing accurately tracks items used along with procedure and recovery room utilization.

Nursing History Evaluation & Pre-Procedure

The Nursing History Evaluation collects pertinent data including indications for exam, allergies, patient history, medications, prior anesthesia complications and more.  Pre-Procedure allows nurses to capture all of the required data prior to beginning a procedure, including NPO status, prep results, advanced directives, sedation plan, anesthesia classification, vitals, allergies, and isolation precautions.

Nursing Intra-Procedure Evaluation & Post-Procedure

The Intra-Procedure Evaluation documents intubation, IV site assessment, vitals, condition log, medicines used, intra sedation score, post procedure diagnosis and more.  Post-Procedure documents a patient’s pain scale, IV site assessment, adverse events, level of consciousness, vitals, fluids intake and post procedure comments.

Nursing Discharge & Charge

The Nursing Discharge documents when the IV was discontinued, prescriptions, ambulation, post sedation score, medication reconciliation, and discharge comments. The Nursing Charge tab accurately tracks items used along with procedure and recovery room utilization.

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