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Turningpatient data into reports.Standardized reporting, quality reporting, analytics, improved health care delivery

Reporting System & Analytics

The EndoVault Reporting tool provides a standardized reporting system to assist health care providers in adhering to quality measures. Instantly turn patient data into expert reports with over 100 standard reports and custom reporting tools.

Stratify & Identify Gaps

  • Organize and align patient data to specific quality metrics you’re held accountable for.
  • Manage Population and Network Lists Manage Population and Network Lists 

Coordinate Care

  • Transform data into a single consolidated workflow for your care teams integrating with population health platforms
  • Develop Patient Engagement Strategies Develop Patient Engagement Strategies
  • Manage High-Risk Patients and Transitions Manage High-Risk Patients and Transitions

Track & Optimize

  • Track & Manage Cost, Utilization and Outcomes Track & Manage Cost, Utilization and
  • Streamline Quality Reporting Streamline Quality Reporting
  • Align Providers with Plan Goals Align Providers with Plan Goals

EndoSoft accurately captures key data elements for Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) measures and is CQM compliant.

Clinical Research & Education

Key data elements are easily exported, with one click, to dashboard format to view pie charts and bar graphs. The ability to automatically de-indentify patient information and create custom patient lists for research purposes.

Improved Health Care Delivery

EndoVault 3.0 Reporting can make tackling Population Health Management a breeze. Offering the ability to:

  • Connect to all HIE’s and RHIO
  • Quickly compile local, regional or nationwide data
  • Provide Benchmark data in real time
  • Export data in any format (CSV, DICOM etc) and work seamlessly with any 3rd party reporting program

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