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Ancillary Solutions

EndoSoft® solutions help you to reduce cost, and increase efficiency, quality of care and revenue. The EndoSoft System is comprised of several modules that can be selected by facilities to improve clinical and admin workflow. The system can adapt to accommodate individual and multiple users, with a variety of roles.

Patient Tracking, EHR, GI

Barcode Scanning

EndoSoft supports and can read and generate both single (linear barcode) and two dimensional (2D PDF417). EndoSoft can print a patient’s MRN, part number for inventory items, procedure number and account number on any document or labels such as Procedure Report, Consent, Discharge, Pathology Jar Label or Pathology Shipping labels. With 2D PD417 barcodes the entire Pathology requisition can fit on a jar label of 1″X3″. Entire procedure report, pathology or pathology report can be incorporated on 1″ X 3″ encrypted barcode and can be converted into text in any third-party application in a discrete data format.


EndoDoc® is a document management tool that allows users to create documents including preparation instructions, post procedure instructions and educational materials as well as obtaining electronic signatures on procedure consent forms.

  • Create, save and manage an unlimited number of documents for each procedure or disease.
  • Obtain e-signatures from patients via electronic signature pads.
  • Automatically generate a set of documents based on procedure proposed for a patient.
  • Email reports and letters in a secured pdf format to referring physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • Send and receive fax within the system.
  • Scan existing hard-copy documents directly into the system.


EndoBilling® allows bills to be generated based on CPT®, OPCS or time and material. EndoBilling® generates a user-defined bill to include all the items used during the procedure, procedure room usage and recovery room usage, technical and professional fees associated.

  • Capture items being used during the procedure real time using barcode or RFID.
  • Capture time of procedure and recovery room time.
  • Automatically add profit margin on cost of goods while creating a bill.
  • Maintain history of bills generated for a patient.


EndoMail® is a software application which works seamlessly with EndoSoft applications to manage the clinical mail. Whether it is an email, fax, scan or a hard-copy print document, EndoMail® can file and retrieve the documents with a touch of a button. All clinical and administrative documents can be managed in an efficient way within clinical record of a patient which is at the fingertips of the providers.

Human Resource Management

EndoSoft HRM is skills based human resource management application designed for multi-specialty and multi-location healthcare systems. This state-of-the-art application can schedule thousands of employees quickly and efficiently while considering skill set matching.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management tool enables designated staff members to order, access, track, charge and maintain medical supply inventory levels. The tool also monitors equipment repairs and sterilization as well as manages vendors and purchases. Detailed reports are readily available for repairs, sterilization, inventory, reorders and items list.


EndoReport® is a tool powered by crystal reports allowing for the ability to run customized reports, one-off reports, quality assurance and financial analysis.

  • Canned reports for Quality of Care, GIQuIC & GRS reporting.
  • Fully customizable tool to generate customized reports.
  • Generate graphs and pie charts.
  • Statistical reports for research and data analysis.


EndoWeb® is a web portal for all EndoSoft applications. This application is fully secured and provides access to the healthcare providers using the internet or intranet whenever they want. Physicians can access patient reports, images and schedule as needed.

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