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5 Tips for Choosing Your Legacy System Upgrade

Making the switch to a new application is not only time consuming but costly, so making the best decision possible is key to success. With so many vendors in the market, you may feel like Goldilocks in a sea of porridge but with these tips, you can find the application that’s just right!

Determine Your Needs

Take a good look at your workflow, what do you like about it? What would you change if you could? Imagine in a perfect world what your new system would offer and find the best match to those needs.

How Will it Evolve With You?

For most facilities, this decision will result in the use of an application for quite some time so having the ability to evolve with your facility is imperative. Whether a multi-site facility or a one room surgery center, things will advance and grow. Having the option to add additional specialties, comply with the most current standards and add additional interfaces for the best interoperability are just a few elements to keep in mind.


Interoperability seems to be the topic of choice these days, and for good reason. Closing the gap on complete electronic health records means the highest quality of care for your patients. Ensuring your application is HL7® compliant is only the beginning of interoperability, however, with showcases and connectathons being held to demonstrate true interoperability over multiple platforms, verifying that the application you’re interested in is participating in these events means they see this to be just as important as you do.

Know the Numbers

Keeping within budget is crucial for a successful implementation, so knowing your expenses upfront makes all the difference. Most every company has a different way of displaying the costs associated so comparing apples to apples can be tricky, but not impossible. Be leery of undetermined costs on the contract, make sure you follow up with your sales manager before moving forward as they can add up quickly and throw your project off track.

Are They a Partner to Your Business?

When looking for a new system, imagine that they will be with you for the next 10 years. Are they the type of company you can count on to be in the business that long? Consider their history, longevity and service records. Don’t buy a solution, build a partnership.

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