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The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Procedure Documentation Solutions’ & EHR’s

So, you’re in the market for an EHR, you may be coming from paper or from a legacy system. You start by getting advice from other similar size practices, surgery centers or hospitals in your area. Unfortunately, advice isn’t always as helpful as you’d like and the entire process is now becoming a contradicting web. No worries, here a few of the worst pointers we’ve heard and why they’re so bad!

They’re All the Same

This couldn’t be more incorrect! EHR’s come in many different shapes in sizes, they DO generally have the same goal but they all achieve those goals in different ways, or maybe even not at all. Realize what your facility’s needs are such as: ease of use, data migration, ability to free text or use voice recognition tools, ability to capture HD 1080P images, ability to have pre built templates, strong reporting tools, the ability to search free text. Keep an open mind you, just because you always did something one way doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way that it could be done. You may be surprised as to which really meets the needs you have clearly identified and ones you didn’t even know you had!

The Less “Clicks” The Better

Yes, having multiple clicks to get a task done can be frustrating, but an application that breaks procedures down to too few clicks could mean less functionality. Imagine ordering a pizza online, if all you have to do is click on the pizza and press order, what are you really getting? Are there any toppings? This just isn’t enough but, if you ordered that same pizza and had to specify thickness of crust, quantity of cheese, pepperoni and sauce then review a map to verify your exact whereabouts, that’s just too many clicks! Finding that “just right” amount for your facility is key to your EHR’ success. Remember, multiple clicks with options for pick lists puts less limits on your documentation than being confined to a few clicks.

The Cheaper the Better

Prices for EHR’s do range vastly but the cheapest option doesn’t mean it’s the best option, even if your facility is on a budget. Return on Investment is key, if the EHR is a bit pricier than a competitor but offers better workflow, stronger integrations, more interoperability, better reporting, and safer patient care through accurate documentation,  the money saved by those capabilities may outweigh  it’s higher price, making it the best option!


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